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Here at the UK Tourism and Holidays website we are keen to promote a more active vacation. There are endless options for adventure holidays, from the sedate exploration of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to the high adrenaline rush of white-water rafting. If you are a fan of private air travel then it doesn’t get more private than paragliding alone through the sky like a bird floating on thermals. Or scuba diving with our mysterious marine cousins might be more to your taste. Contact us if you are interested in UK Tourism and Holidays, we are always happy to discuss it further with you.

During the summer months we have organised a group to go on a charity climb kilimanjaro mountains. It turned out a great hit and everyone that participated enjoyed it very much.

When going on a tour with carities it is always a great idea to add a sweet touch to the group by bringing some sweets with you.


Durham is closer than you think

 The UK Tourism and Holidays website is not affiliated with the old Durham Tourism website.

For information about the Durham Tourism website please contact them directly. What to see and do in Durham 2019.