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Adventure holidays can be good ways to both wind down from the stresses of the rat race, and also to energize your body and mind in a more healthy way.

Trekking is an extremely popular holiday activity that is both beneficial for body and mind. It can even become a spiritual experience for many, for example when trekking through the Himalayan mountain range, which is as far from the trials and tribulations of life back in the United Kingdom as it is possible to get. You can find true beauty and a genuine challenge on the well-trodden trekking routes of the Himalayas, and perhaps even find yourself while you are at it.

Durham is closer than you think

If you would rather do something a little closer to home, fishing and angling can have a similarly restorative effect on the body and mind, but you don’t have to fly around the world to enjoy it.

Such holiday activities can help you wind down and become more meditative and calm, and you might even arrive at some unique insights into yourself  and your life while sitting by an English riverside or gently flowing stream waiting for a fish to bite.

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Durham is closer than you think

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